Welcome to Falling Oak Timber

Here at Falling Oak Timber LLC, we go the extra mile to meet our clients wants and needs. We take pride in our work and strive each day to make Falling Oak the best in the timber business. We believe in building professional relationships with each of our clients. The professional foresters at Falling Oak Timber LLC, specialize in using environmentally-sensitive logging strategies in timber management, harvesting, and marketing. We have the resources and experience needed to manage all tracts of timber. Here at Falling Oak we have logging crews to cut large acres and small acres. There is nothing too big for our company to handle. Explore our website to learn more about our company and the services we offer. Furthermore, if interested in purchasing logging equipment, please visit Falling Oak Equipment.

Our Timber & Logging Services

Management services

As timber management experts, we are pleased to advise landowners about their timber resources. This part of the process is “KEY”. (more…)

Harvesting Services

With our trusted contract loggers, we expertly arrange the perfect team for all harvesting jobs. Our foresters manage the job throughout (more…)

Landowner Services

We consult closely with landowners and develop and carry out detailed plans to achieve their goals. We perform select cut and clear-cut harvest (more…)